Creativity needs nurturing: Enchancing creative school culture through cross-sectional network II Radošas skolas kultūras sekmēšana starpnozaru sadarbībā II

•The The creativity is essential goal of education of 21th century.
There are lot of knowledge about the creativity and strategies of its development in     schools.
Promotion of students’ creativity is not undoutable in our shool culture.
What is a cause?
What can we do?

The aims 

stabshment of the network, uniting all institutions and organizations, involved in the promotion of the creativity in schools;

•The clarification of the problem and exchange of knowledge and good practice for the creativity enhancement in schools;

•The creation the source of strategies, methods and systemic approaches to creativity in schools useful for further approbation for partners and for any public or private person valuing creativity and desiring to promote it.



•Conferences, seminars, workshops in each partner country for sharing the experiences of practitioners and expanding ideas of project partners.
•Development of teaching material - methodological source book and e-learning (program, materials, set in Moodle), based on the model of creative school culture and previous studies of stakeholders’ needs, for long-life education for teachers, parents, school administrators across Baltic states.
•Clarification/analysis of a topic: what are the best channels for enhancing the creative school culture in baltic countries.
•Dissemination of results/ presentations in different audiences and publications
•Maintaining the cross-sectional network for discussions and development of methodic aids in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania.




•Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy, Latvia
•Institute of Fine Arts, Tallinn University, Estonia
•Society «Think to done»(«Castle of Creativity»), adult education centre, Latvia
•Siauliai University, Lithuania